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Impressions From Early Google Fiber Locations
As Locals Scramble to Get Their Neighborhoods Wired
by Karl Bode 04:33PM Wednesday Aug 01 2012
While Google Fiber isn't up and running for most of Kansas City, a few select "retail partners" are already up and running. Dave Greenbaum over at GigaOM has offered up a few impressions based on his time at one Googlefied cafe named the Mud Pie Vegan Bakery. The impressions are anything but scientific, offering some scattered download speed impressions over shared Wi-Fi and wired connections from a number of websites and speedtests the author claims couldn't keep up with the connection (though we'll note most speedtests should). Greenbaum also offers a closer look at the new set top, DVR and residential gateways that Google has built to power the new symmetrical 1 Gbps broadband and IPTV service.

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