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Inside AT&T's Strike Boot Camp
AT&T Prepares for the Worst
by Karl Bode 04:03PM Thursday Apr 05 2012 Tipped by Bill Neilson See Profile
As we noted earlier this week, AT&T faces a significant strike if they can't agree with the CWA on a new contract to replace the one expiring this weekend. Several users have sent in this rather amusing Wall Street Journal report that covers AT&T's preparations for a potential strike. AT&T says that the company has "a substantial work force of well-trained managers and vendors in place" should existing support and install employees strike, but those filling in are spending the week taking crash courses in everything from how to unload a ladder from a truck to -- "manhole gasses." "After a week of training, the only thing I have retained is how to add adult programming," says one training attendee.

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Alsip, IL

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How Att really treats its employees

Im not sure about inside. But as a technician at Att i can tell you how it really is.

Yes i belong to a union. But it really don't mean anything. We get fired just like everyone else. And just as easy.

I worked over 700 hours of overtime last year. All forced. Att skirts around labor laws all the time. If they could get you to work 7 days a week they would. In fact they do.

They mandate 12 days in a row, 10 hour shifts minimum at times. Only giving you your day off after the 12 days so they don't get sued. We are held to crazy standards and have programs constantly monitoring where we go and what we are doing, from GPS to metrics for our jobs.

When measuring our jobs in order to do good we have to be 104% + efficient. That means if Att gives you 4 jobs to do in a day, (each equaling 2 hours) and you want to be in the best quin-tile you have to do 5. Anything less will put you in a lower quin-tile and you could be coached and harassed to fired. Where does lunch and your 15 mins breaks figure in? Well they don't.

A while ago i found this article.

»www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/ ··· 20120329

I will quote the relevant parts here...

"Working Hours
During peak production, the average number of hours
worked per week at Foxconn factories exceeded both the
FLA Code standard (60hrs a week) and Chinese legal limits. This was
true in all three factories. Further, there were periods
during which some employees worked more than seven
days in a row without the required minimum 24-hour
break. The root causes include high labor turnover,
which undermines efficiency, and gaps in production
and capacity planning."

Well hate to tell you but...we are union and get treated the same way.

What tops off some of att's tactics is the wage differences. Say they hire a group of guys to do A, B, C and F for 20 bucks an hour , with a raise every year, topping out at 32. Competitive and on scale for what work they do. (we will call them "Big Guys") They then go and later Hire a group of techs to do D, E, F and G. But they hire them at 9 dollars an hour and a raise every year topping our at 21, competitive and on scale for what work they do. (we will call them "Little Guys") Well fast forward a year or so and the "little guys" are doing B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Then they go and "eliminate the job position" of the "Big guys" slowly.

Forced to work on holidays, employees harassed and treated like garbage.
People afraid to get sick and FMLA not getting approved.
You cant go home until you are told its ok...even if you work 10+ hours.
Tracked everywhere you go and what you do. Vacations forced to be chosen at the first of the year. Yeh like you know exactly where you are going to take your vacation jan 1'st and exactly what days to take.
Vacations not approved.
Schedule changes and no notice given...well the schedule said im off tomorrow this morning...it don't matter.

I could really go on and on but i wont. Being in a union does not mean jack. The only thing i have observed in my last 10 years is that it most of the time insures you will get nice quality work. Where i am we are encouraged by our co workers and union to do quality work.

Just google Comcast tech and Att tech. There is a slew of comcast stories about non union contractors doing things from killing people to robbing banks they said they were working on.

Google att techs and you might get a few bad apples (other than the ones saving peoples lives)
Opinion is just a word people hide behind to try and justify them believing stupid things. It sure is easy to believe in something completely and totally stupid, say it's your "Opinion" and then everyone has to respect it.

2600 ways to live
Sterling Heights, MI

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Theyre a multinational billion dollar company. Just pay your workers.