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Iowa ISP: 100 GB Capped DSL for $300 a Month
by Karl Bode 08:33AM Monday Jan 20 2014 Tipped by WHT See Profile
The East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative began imposing some rather low caps on their DSL service as of this year. The company's new prices (via Slashdot): 5 GB of usage for $25 a month, 25 GB of usage for $100 a month, and 100 GB (the very maximum allotment you can order) will run you $300 a month. Each additional 1 GB will cost users $5. EBTC blames their rate hikes on a reduction in FCC USF funding, "improvement costs for service and maintenance," and "the interest of fairness for the 70 percent of EBTC Internet customers who only use 15 GB of data, or less, each month." Granted the lack of any competitors is and a captive audience is just as likely a motivation.

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