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Iran Joins Pakistan, Bans Encryption, VPNs
To Help Protect You From the Bogeyman
by Karl Bode 11:02AM Friday Oct 28 2011
Last year government leaders in Pakistan decided to order all of the country's ISPs to completely ban encryption use, or the use of any technology like VPNs or proxies that would allow an Internet user to communicate somewhat anonymously. Pakistani officials claimed the move was made for "security reasons" and to "stop militants" (read: make it easier for Pakistan's government to spy on its own citizens). Iran has now also made it a criminal offense to get around the country's Internet filters using VPNs or any other technology. The announcement by Iranian Telecommunications Minister Reza Taghipour insists the move is being made to combat a "soft war” being waged by Western countries against Iran (read: make it easier for the Iranian government to spy on its own citizens).

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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD

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reply to nOv1c3

Re: America is next.

said by nOv1c3:

Its no use debating or arguing with any of these Anti Death penalty Nut cases , These same groups of like minded people hate the death penalty but believe in pro choice , So in there delusional mind its okay to kill unborn children but wrong to kill a convicted murderers , Same goes for the Vegg heads groups , Dont kill animals because its cruel but they have no issues killing babies

Actually, these "anti-death penalty nut cases" are fun to futz with. Take the case of Troy Davis, a cop-killer who was recently put down in the great state of Georgia. These nutcases swore up and down that he was supposedly innocent even though every last one of his appeals was rejected. Even the 4 ultra-liberal US Supreme Court justices did not collectively decide that they needed to hear an appeal. So of course, these nut cases whine and groan that the great state of Georgia has "murdered" an "innocent" man.

On the very same day, in the great state of Texas, another killer was put down. This guy was a white person who savagely dragged a black person to his death. It was a gruesome, disgusting act. This animal was unrepentant even to the end, to the point of bragging about how he'd do the same thing again if he had the chance. So naturally, you'd think the "anti-death penalty nut cases" would be all over this case, reminding everyone how no matter how depraved or savage a criminal is, under no circumstances does he deserve to be executed.

Of course we all know that did not happen. The silence from those chumps was deafening.
"Net Neutrality" zealots - the people you can thank for your capped Internet service.
Expand your moderator at work



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reply to 45612019

Re: America is next.

Let us know how you feel when some pervert rapes and kills one of your children...

Tavistock NJ

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reply to 45612019

said by 45612019:

Just like with the death penalty, where America's only company is the oppressive Middle Eastern countries and China... Partners in murder... That's how America rolls.

Executing lawfully convicted prisoners and after years of appeals is NOT murder. It is a public service.