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Is Bell Canada trying to confuse/spin the throttling issues?
by Anon94 10:44AM Wednesday Jul 16 2008
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Bell on Friday sent its latest effort to justify its unjustifiable actions to the CRTC (» )


But, “The obligations they have to wholesale customers (competitive ISPs) aren’t the same as those obligations they have to their Sympatico customers,” points out CAIP chairman and president Tom Copeland.

“It is the regulated wholesale function that needs to be addressed by the Commission, not how Bell treats its retail customers,” he told p2pnet.

“That’s a fight for another day.”


CAIP members, “counter that Bell is throttling P2P as way to avoid upgrading its network,” says the Montreal Gazette (» ··· 90ec85d6 ), also noting the ISP association also says Bell gives, “preferential treatment to its own services, like its new online video store“.