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It's Apparently Sprint Rumor Friday
T-Mobile to Buy Sprint? Sprint to spin off Nextel?
by Karl Bode 09:44AM Friday Mar 07 2008 Tipped by FFH5 See Profile
The Kansas City Star, citing only theory from Merrill Lynch analysts, suggests that Sprint could be a tasty acquisition target for T-Mobile. Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha, citing only after the bell rumor, suggests that Sprint may be looking to spin off Nextel after an acquisition gone sour. This would be after Sprint already spun-off Embarq, and is in the process of considering spinning off their WiMax project Xohm. GigaOM suggests a Sprint/T-Mobile union would be "worse than a Las Vegas wedding after a night long binge."
The combined company will operate four different kind of networks - iDen, CDMA, WiMAX and GSM. Did these analysts forget that the iDEN-CDMA integration has been one of the major reasons for Sprint-Nextel’s troubles?
Besides, we're almost 100% positive that Sprint is merging with Monsanto and getting into the genetically-modified crop business.

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