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It's Comcast TV Rate Hike Season, Again
Comcast raising rates in PA, VA, and WA
by Karl Bode 06:09PM Tuesday Oct 16 2007
On the heels of cable TV rate hikes in Houston, Comcast today alerted customers in Lancaster, PA that they'll be raising the price of their standard cable TV package by 6.9 percent and their "bare bones" TV package by 12.5 percent. Premium channels are getting bumped by $1, the price of installation is being bumped by 4.4% percent, and their DVR service is now 16.7% more expensive.

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It's the second round of rate hikes the region has seen this year -- the company also raised rates by 4.1 percent back in January. According to Comcast, the hikes are being blamed on new support employee hires. Those employee hires are taking place because Comcast continually scores very low in customer satisfaction surveys.
"We've added more than 400 new employees in the region since January," Alexander said. "The majority of these new hires are frontline service employees such as call-center personnel and technicians. We plan to hire hundreds of additional employees in the next year."
Comcast this week also informed residents of Tacoma and Seattle, Washington that they too would see their second rate hike of the year -- to the tune of 4.2%. Comcast is also raising rates in Virginia by "less than 5%,"; the company telling locals the hikes "reflect the increased value of our services."

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