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J.D. Power Awards T-Mobile For Best Customer Service
AT&T Again Comes in Last Place, Sprint Second To Last
by Karl Bode 03:21PM Thursday Feb 03 2011 Tipped by Gbcue See Profile
The latest report from J.D. Power and Associates on wireless customer care performance once again ranks T-Mobile as the best carrier when it comes to customer support. While T-Mobile ranked first with an overall score of 758, AT&T continued its now proud tradition of coming in last place in these kinds of studies, with a score of 729. However, Sprint didn't do much better than AT&T with a score of 731, while Verizon scored somewhere in the middle at 743. The survey unsurprisingly found that most people prefer speaking to a live human being either on the phone or in store rather than an automated response system. "As more companies encourage customers to contact them on the Web to save operating costs, they run the risk of increased customer churn if the number of contacts needed to resolve a complaint or issue rises," says J.D. Power analyst Kirk Parsons.

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