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Judge Shuts Down Aereo In Utah, Colorado
by Karl Bode 08:30AM Thursday Feb 20 2014
US District Judge Dale Kimball of Utah has disrupted Aereo's string of legal wins by issuing an injunction (pdf) ordering the shut down of existing Aereo operations in both Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado. That drops Aereo's overall market total to ten from twelve, and the ruling also prevents Aereo from expanding anywhere into the 10th Circuit, which covers Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Colorado. While broadcasters are celebrating the win, the real showdown occurs on April 22, when Aereo and broadcasters meet in the Supreme Court to settle the fight over whether Aereo violates the 1976 Copyright Act once and for all.

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Coram, NY

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Re: They had it coming

What Aereo is doing is what we are all allowed to do. Put up an antenna and use the signal. There is no law stating that the antenna has to be a certain distance from your tv. I know some buildings actually share 1 antenna with all users. The bottom line is that we are free to capture the signal from the airwaves and use it without paying. The networks should be happy people are watching and they can charge a lot for commercials. \