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Just 17% of Broadband Users Know What 4KTV Is
by Karl Bode 04:34PM Tuesday Jul 22 2014
Back in March I pointed your attention to a study that noted just 30% of all consumers had even heard of 4KTV, and of that 30%, less than a third actually had a 4K set. Four months later and a new study notes that of broadband users, just 17% have any idea what 4KTV is.

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Even among users aware of what 4K is, interest appears tepid.

Asked if they would pay $1500 for an HDTV set, just 6% of broadband users showed "moderate or high interest." When that price point was raised to $2000, those interest slid to just 3 percent.

"The industry is counting on 4K/UHD to be the solution for slow television sales and declining unit prices," said TDG president Michael Greeson. "This explicitly quantifies just how poor the demand for 4K/UHD televisions actually is and clearly demonstrates the current prices are too high to stimulate new sales."

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reply to zod5000

Re: 60" 4K for under $1500 is doable

said by zod5000:

Except you need an 80 inch TV (unless your sitting really close) to benefit from the higher resolution.

This is why I think 4k is a niche product. Unless there's a fundamental shift to people having 80"+ tv's in their living rooms, why are the masses going to upgrade?

HDTV made sense because there was a simultaneous turn to people wanting the new larger thin flatscreen sets, so HDTV and Plasma/LCD walked hand in hand.

People are yearning for 80 inch sets, so how useful is 4k going to be to the masses? I think it'll end up being another 3d. A niche product, rarely used, than ends up being a feature in tv's that isn't used that much.

I call BS, I sit 8 FT from the 55in set and 4K looks sharper than HD. I for one think HD looks bad past 50/55in.

How about you own or at lest see 4k content before making statement's about something you never had.