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Kansas City Google Fiber Rallies Take Off Running
20% of Neighborhoods Have Already Met Goals
by Karl Bode 06:28PM Tuesday Jul 31 2012
Last week when Google announced Google Fiber, the company also launched a unique effort to determine what Kansas City community would get fiber next -- which includes free 1 Gbps connections for community buildings. Google is holding a six week rally in which neighborhoods must bond together and pre-register at the Google website for a $10 fee, which is refunded if your hood isn't selected. With 40 days left, Google's data indicates that 20% of Kansas City neighborhoods have already met their sign up goals.

As you might expect, lower income neighborhoods are lagging while more affluent neighborhoods get busy signing up their own door to door salesmen:
To get Fiber to their neighborhoods first, some people have decided they don’t want to leave things up to chance. Zaarly CEO Bo Fishback, for example, is using his own service to hire a “Google Fiber door-to-door salesman” who can knock on doors in his neighborhood to make sure enough people pre-register. Fishback will also pay his neighbor’s pre-registration fees.
Meanwhile, local incumbent Time Warner Cable is busily trying to lock users into long term contracts before services go live, to lessen what will likely be a painful competitive hit. Google's prices and speeds will be tough for many incumbents to match, with Google selling symmetrical 1 Gbps connections and TV for $120, 1 Gbps symmetrical standalone connections for $70, or a 5 Mbps connection that's free after you pay a $300 registration fee.

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