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Lafayette Unveils FTTH Pricing
Symmetrical 10Mbps for $29, 30Mbps for $45, or 50Mbps for $58
by Karl Bode 10:23AM Wednesday Dec 24 2008
The other day we noted that Lafayette, Louisiana was finally getting close to offering municipal fiber to the home, after years of opposition from local incumbents. Though they've been tight lipped on pricing, local papers are now reporting that Lafayette Utilities System will offer triple play bundles ranging from $84.85 to $200, with downstream broadband services ranging from 10Mbps to 50Mbps. Customers on network will communicate with other LUS customers at 100Mbps, notes LUS Director Terry Huval. Here's the complete pricing options, which solidly beat the fastest services offered anywhere (Comcast Wideband and Verizon FiOS), much less what's being offered locally by regional incumbents Cox and AT&T:

Basic VIP – 84.85 Triple Play

80 Channels - $39.95

10 Mbps (up/down) 28.95

Phone $15.95 and .05 min LD

VIP Silver - $137.21

250 Channels - $63.31

30 Mbps (up/down) - $44.95

Phone w/ extra features - $28.95

VIP Gold - $199.99

250 Channels and Includes HD and Premium Movie Channels (Suites) 45+ HD? - $98.09

50 Mbps (up/down) $57.95

Phone with Unlimited LD - $43.95

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