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Landscaping, Courtesy of AT&T?
Company starts doling out cash to beautify U-Verse VRAD cabinets
by Karl Bode 10:05AM Monday Aug 18 2008 Tipped by Randy See Profile
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AT&T's somewhat ugly U-Verse VRAD cabinets, required to offer U-Verse VDSL service, have been a point of contention for local homeowners, who claim the curb side cabinets erode property values. In Illinois, Comcast has even used the cabinets in anti-U-Verse advertisements. In a new twist, it appears that AT&T is starting to dole out $1,500 per box in Illinois to be used for landscaping, in an effort to make the boxes less, well, boxy.

One local Illinois official tells me that AT&T is actually now offering three options to municipalities complaining about the cabinets: the first has AT&T doing the landscaping; the second involves AT&T paying $2000 per site if it's mutually agreed that landscaping is necessary (the City does the work); the third has AT&T paying $1500 per site regardless if landscaping is necessary. Most Illinois cities are apparently picking the third option, says the source.

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