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Law Proposes Fiber Conduit Be Laid With Highways
Though it Hasn't Seen Much Traction Since 2009
by Karl Bode 11:20AM Wednesday Jul 27 2011
Several years ago we told you about a new bill that would require that new fiber conduit banks be installed automatically as part of any Federal highway projects moving forward. Under the proposed law (possibly a decade or more too late for many areas), The Department of Transportation would waive the requirement where necessary and work with the FCC to determine need. FCC boss Julius Genachowski supposedly supported the bill, and it also saw added support by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman. Two years later finds the bill still winding its way through the legislative process, with House Democrats writing the Government Accountability Office, asking for a cost-benefit analysis of a "dig once" policy requiring the installation of fiber and conduits during highway construction.

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