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Leap to Announce New LTE Market Next Week
Won't Specify; Says More Announcements in November
by Karl Bode 09:48AM Monday Oct 15 2012
After offering LTE services in Tucson only for more than a year, Leap Wireless says they're launching LTE in an additional unspecified market sometime next week. The company refuses to say what market will see the service, but insists they'll have additional market launch announcements in November. Last year Leap said they hoped to offer the faster LTE service to a footprint of 25 million potential customer (Pops) by the end of 2012. Now Leap is saying they hope to cover 21 million POPs with LTE by the end of this year, and two-thirds of the company's current network footprint by 2015. In Tucson Leap offers users the choice of either 3 Mbps for $50, or 6 Mbps for $60 flavors -- both with a 5GB monthly usage limit.

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Madera, CA

Madera and Fresno.

I sure hope Madera, and Fresno will both get LTE. There's a lot of ppl in both of these cities that has Cricket.