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LightSquared Says They'll Fight FCC
Will 'See Where it Goes' in Terms of Lawsuit
by Karl Bode 09:51AM Thursday Feb 16 2012
Yesterday the FCC put a nail in LightSquared's coffin by announcing that they would not be granting a previously-promised waiver on spectrum conditions necessary to get the hybrid LTE/satellite network up and running. As we noted yesterday, LightSquared's chance at survival at this point without that waiver is virtually nonexistent due to limited cash and the constant flood of negative GPS interference reports. For what it's worth, LightSquared says they'll fight the decision, but issued a statement accusing the FCC of "bureaucratic irresponsibility":
To leave this problem unresolved is the height of bureaucratic irresponsibility and undermines the very principles that once made America the best place in the world to do business. We remain committed to finding a solution and believe that if all the parties have that same level of commitment, a solution can be found. The American people send their representatives to Washington to solve tough problems and make our country better – not to undermine and pull the rug from under private enterprise.
LightSquared clearly hopes there can be some kind of technical solution, despite previous reports claiming there really was no way around the network's interference problems. The company had previously promised they'd sue the FCC if the waiver wasn't given. Meanwhile Sprint, who gave LightSquared two extensions to resolve problems, may have to return $75 million to the company.

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Waterford, MI

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reply to JasonOD

Re: Frequency Swap

said by JasonOD :

I agree with a frequency swap. The FCC should ban the sale and block the use of this GPS adjacent frequency forever, and offer LSQ a slice of a different band in exchange. In hindsight, it never should have been offered for sale in the first place.

For God's sake HOW MANY TIMES MUST THIS BE REPEATED?!?! LightSquared didn't buy/win this allocation. They obtained it in acquiring somebody else who had won it for SatCom use, then tried to re-purpose it to terrestrial.

The FCC owes LightSquared nothing, IMO.

As for the lawsuit threat: Unless I'm mistaken: The U.S. military trumps the FCC and the U.S. military has declared LightSquared's plan a non-starter. They going to pick a fight with the Pentagon? Good luck with that!