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LightSquared's GPS Fix: $400 Million
And They Want the GPS Industry to Pay For it
by Karl Bode 08:22AM Thursday Oct 13 2011
After both GPS-related industries and government agencies highlighted that LightSquared's planned LTE/Satellite hybrid network interfered with GPS signals, the company in June LightSquared filed a revised plan with the FCC. The plan involved utilizing a 10 MHz swath of L-band spectrum in the lower portion of the company's spectrum assets to avoid interference. That still left some highly-sensitive GPS equipment with interference issues, so LightSquared recently proposed an additional fix using technology they're developing with a company named Javad, though the additional cost of this fix had yet to be clarified. LightSquared this week came out with a price tag for this fix: $400 million:
LightSquared Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben told CNET that there are roughly 500,000 commercial precision GPS devices in the U.S. that could be disrupted by its network. But the company has developed a device, which costs between $300 and $800 and will protect GPS devices from such disruptions.
LightSquared wants the GPS industry to pay for the devices, something they'll almost-certainly be unwilling to agree to. LightSquared has been arguing that the GPS industry should have vacated the spectrum years ago, and is responsible for the upgrades to these highly sensitive devices, of which they estimate around 500,000 will be impacted by LightSquared's plan.

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