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Listen as Comcast Defends $182 in Phantom Charges
by Karl Bode 08:28AM Monday Aug 11 2014 Tipped by newview See Profile
Several regular readers have sent out this YouTube regulars' recorded support call with Comcast (and this associated Consumerist write up and Reddit discussion) in which the company tries to explain $181.94 in charges. The customer did a self-install, but the connection a few weeks later started having daily connectivity issues. Comcast charged the user $99.99 for “Failed Self Install,” another $32 for “Failed Video [Self Install Kit], and $49.95 for “Wireless Network SET Up.”

Listen as the user explains that a Comcast tech never even entered his house, and gets Comcast to refund the charges only because he recorded previous Comcast promises (contains some NSFW language):

Update: Comcast is circulating this statement to the press:
This is not the type of experience we want our customers to have, and we will reach out to Mr. Davis to apologize to him. Our policy is not to charge for service visits that are related to problems with our equipment or network. We are looking into this to understand what happened and why it happened.

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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to fartman1234

Re: first world problems

You must have applied a selective filter:

»www.comcast.com/Corporate/Custom ··· AUP.html

use the Service for any purpose other than personal and non-commercial residential use (except for your individual use for telecommuting);

Note: I used to negotiate large commercial contracts and let me assure you that for it to be a commercial line that you would have to serve (UL) commercial content for it to be considered commercial business, AND it would have to be in a regulated industry (not non profit and the like). Initiating a VPN to you company (note you are initiating) to do work at home is not for commercial purposes because YOU are initiating it, not serving it.

For instance banking online or buying any product on Amazon would be considered a commercial transaction under your assertion, except YOU are initiating said transaction.

Even in copyright the fact of downloading copyrighted materials in fact is not illegal, actually acting in a commercial setting and uploading it is the actual infringement.

In any case, the point of the YT video was to show how reprehensible these companies can be and you need to protect yourself. If I get to my limit, I simply call AMEX (for which I put all such stuff on) and explain I tried to resolve and cannot come to a conclusion. They chargeback and take care of it. Then lickity split it gets resolved.

I would say that my operator (Verizon) has messed up my billing a number of times, but in every single instance they made it right and did so w/ professionalism. I can say when I had Time Warner, it was always a battle and I was happy to get rid of them. I voted w/ my wallet, however this merger will make it more difficult.


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US

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reply to fartman1234
If you don't know how something works, then maybe you should refrain from commenting on issues related to that topic. It amazes me that people choose to comment on things that they are obviously ignorant about.

It is not, in any way, shape, or form a violation of the residential TOS to use a VPN to connect to your place of business. Period.

You're out of your minds if you think it does. What the Comcast "Business Class" services gives you is an uncapped connection, static IP addresses, the ability to run servers and other 24x7 uses of your connection (VOIP, etc.), and full support for configuring these things.