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Live Streaming Service Nimble TV Now Available in NYC
by Karl Bode 02:29PM Tuesday Dec 10 2013
One year after launching a limited beta, NimbleTV today announced that they've launched their live streaming TV service in the New York City market. New York residents can head here to sign up for the service, which allows users to watch live TV on a variety of mobile devices and set tops. Apple's iOS smartphones and tablets, Roku boxes, Web-enabled TVs and browsers are all supported, though Android support is still in the works.

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Unlike Aereo, NimbleTV is working in conjunction with the cable industry, offering existing cable subscribers access to the service for $4 to $7 a month (depending on how much DVR space you want), or non-cable subscribers access to channel and DVR space options ranging from $29.98 to $79.98.

For more detail you can check out their pricing and options for existing cable customers here, and for non cable customers here. The FAQ is here.

Think of this essentially as a company trying to offer the "TV Everywhere" viewing experience the cable industry has long promised, but has failed to fully deliver to many users. Whereas Aereo tried to bypass the cable industry by effectively leasing users access to OTA antennas, NimbleTV is effectively reselling cable TV access (FiOS, RCN, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable are supported) -- without the actual cable box.

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Brooklyn, NY

Sad excuse of a service

I tested an early beta of NimbleTV. That original test was a much better product as it offered many more channels with real content - not just locals but USA, ESPN, TNT, etc.

This new "product" give you almost nothing except some DVR space. Might as well pay for Aereo.

Save the money and buy a Slingbox 350.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Re: Sad excuse of a service

It seems if you are a "non cable customer" (and pay for a premium package through them), you get those channels as well. But if you're adding this onto an existing cable package, you only get the locals. Pretty weird...



Is it DRMed? If so, what kind of DRM does it use?

·Time Warner Cable

Something, but could be better

There are only 4 out of 31 stations on the lowest tier I'd be interested in watching. Even then, 8-9 out of 10 of the programs on those stations don't interest me. Plus they are filled with commercials. All for only $30/month!

Cable, where you too can pay for what you don't want.

I will give them kudos for at least including DVR so you can watch those few things you actually like, whenever you like. Albeit, commercial filled watching.


Waterford, MI

1 recommendation

Decisions, Decisions

$30/mo. or $8/mo. for the same thing..?

I think I'll stick with Aereo.



Lincroft, NJ

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Verizon and TWC say they don't have a formal working arrangement

"Unlike Aereo, NimbleTV is working in conjunction with the cable industry ... NimbleTV is effectively reselling cable TV access (FiOS, RCN, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable are supported) -- without the actual cable box."


NimbleTV pitching cloud TV service to Verizon, TWC, Cablevision, RCN subs
By Steve Donohue, FierceCable - December 10, 2013
But officials from Verizon and TWC told FierceCable that they do not have a formal working arrangement with NimbleTV, which reportedly offered refunds to Dish Network subscribers in July after the satellite TV provider said it had cut off service to NimbleTV users.

"We aren't working with them," TWC spokeswoman Nathalie Burgos told FierceCable. Verizon spokeswoman Deidre Hart said: "We do not have a commercial agreement with NimbleTV."

Officials at Cablevision and RCN couldn't be reached for comment on Tuesday.

and from:

NimbleTV Goes Live In NYC
Claims Its Platform Is Friendly, Rather Than Disruptive, to Existing Pay-TV Business Models

By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News - December 10, 2013
Although NimbleTV does not have any direct relationships with pay-TV programmers, it claims that its approach is friendly, not disruptive, to MVPD business models.


Lincroft, NJ

NimbleTV is currently available in the entire NYC DMA

From the press release »www.prnewswire.com/news-releases···631.html

"NimbleTV is currently available to those with addresses within the New York City designated metropolitan area (DMA), which includes the following counties:"

New York: Bronx, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess

New Jersey: Bergen, Warren, Union, Sussex, Somerset, Passaic, Ocean, Morris, Monmouth, Middlesex, Hunterdon, Hudson, and Essex

Connecticut: Fairfield

Pennsylvania: Pike

Limestone, ME

1 recommendation

So... it like Slingbox or a proper HTPC

But Horribly crippled and overpriced.

Newton, NJ

Am I understanding this correctly?

Is this the worlds first true IP Cable Company? Is this legal? Do they have rights to broadcast this stuff?
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My guess...

NimbleTV is working in conjunction with the cable industry
That's all I needed to hear...this is going nowhere.

Brooklyn, NY

incompatible with Android

Perhaps I should stick with Aereo for now.
For $8/month I can simply forget Slingbox.