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MPAA Boss: Web Filters 'Most Effective Tool' in the World
by Karl Bode 10:39AM Thursday Jul 03 2014
Speaking recently at the IP Summit in London, Former Senator turned MPAA boss Chris Dodd pronounced his love for forcing ISPs to block and filter websites accused of aiding copyright infringement. Despite the fact filters can be easily bypassed by anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge and often filter legitimate content (a report this week suggests a massive swath of legitimate websites are blocked by UK filters), Dodd believes filters are the "most effective tools anywhere in the world" at fighting piracy.

Unlike the UK the MPAA has struggled to get laws passed that encourage filters, though the US voluntary six strikes initiative might someday expand to include them. At the moment the MPAA appears focused on getting search engines to block sites from results, something Dodd claims would be "a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to protect creators."

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Make the content available at reasonable prices

For most people being able to buy media without feeling like a breeding mare is a plus. Any retailer making an effort to make product easily available in a legal fashion for a reasonable profit will do well with people I think. Charging 60$ for a box set of Game Of Thrones is a bit much, but that's still cheaper than paying for television for that one channel that carries that show. Services like Netflix that pay licensing fees still return a profit to these companies, it's maybe not the affluence they are used to, but that's better than the alternative - no money and people pirating.

Instead of trying to reinforce their sales model they should adjust to the changing times.

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reply to Packeteers

Re: pirates gotta swet

said by Packeteers:

I actually agree with this - I mean doing what is technically a crime should NOT be so easy.

Should we outlaw knives because at any moment you can stab someone? Or can we agree that knives serve a practical purpose, and the responsibility for obeying laws is up to the individual?


Limestone, ME
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In Reality

Spotify, Pandora and Company are far more effective preventing music piracy.

Since this is the MPAA...

Netflix, Hulu, RedBox, Amazon.... would be the problem solver for them.

Piracy is easy... banishing some links from google doesn't make it any harder for someone who's looking.

Look at street drugs. Plenty of people can find dealers, and they aren't listed on google maps.

Path of least resistance... that why Netflix works so well. It's EASY and inexpensive.