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Maine Wants Cellphone Cancer Warning Labels
Bill creator keeps her phone off because of cancer risk...
by Karl Bode 01:13PM Monday Dec 21 2009 Tipped by swintec See Profile
Maine wants to be the first state to force carriers to post cancer warnings on their products, according to the Associated Press. A connection between cellphones and cancer is still still hotly debated. While some scientists do believe there could be harm posed to children whose brains are still developing, recent overseas studies have suggested there's no connection between cellphone use and cancer rates. Several deeper U.S. studies are expected to be released next year.

Under a bill proposed by Democratic Maine Representative Andrea Boland, manufacturers would have to put labels on phones and packaging warning that users (particularly pregnant women and children) keep the devices away from their head and bodies because of the cancer risk from electromagnetic radiation. Boland herself tells the Associated Press that she keeps herself safe by oddly leaving her phone off (which surely annoys her co-workers and constituents):
Maine Rep. Andrea Boland, D-Sanford, said numerous studies point to the cancer risk, and she has persuaded legislative leaders to allow her proposal to come up for discussion during the 2010 session that begins in January, a session usually reserved for emergency and governors' bills. Boland herself uses a cell phone, but with a speaker to keep the phone away from her head. She also leaves the phone off unless she's expecting a call. At issue is radiation emitted by all cell phones.
San Francisco Mayor Mayor Gavin Newsom is also pushing for a similar law, would require the display of the "specific absorption rate" of radiofrequency energy right next to the phone's price.

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Re: I simply wonder

said by ArrayList:

there is no substantial proof that cell phones cause cancer.
Until there is scientific evidence Cell Phones increase cancer risk I think it is inappropriate to force manufactures to include a health warning about possible effects. That sets a dangerous precedent.

I find it curious folks are so worried about cancer risk but pretty much ignore well documented risk of using a cell phone while driving. Guess the C word is scarier then getting splattered over the highway.