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Man Sues Comcast Over Claimed $26,000 Error
After Comcast Glitch Messes Up His Credit Rating
by Karl Bode 08:57AM Thursday Dec 20 2012
A Washington DC area man has sued Comcast for what he alleges was a company error that resulted in him being over-billed to the tune of $26,000. According to ABC News, Marc Himmelstein called to cancel his Comcast service in 2010 and was told he was owed a refund of $123.19, though he later found he owed $220 for not initially returning a modem. Himmelstein returned the modem, but that's where the corporate bureaucracy bogeyman appears to take over:
He was told that as soon as he returned the missing modem, the charge would be removed. That is exactly what Himmelstein did, and he contacted Comcast "on at least three occasions," according to the court filing, to make sure it had received the modem. While Himmelstein didn't receive a written notice, he was informed Comcast had fixed the error, and that his refund was en-route, the filing states. Except it wasn't. Not only did Himmelstein never receive the $123.19 refund, he had no idea that the $220 charge had been forwarded to Credit Protection Association, and that in December 2010, CPA had reported the late charge to three national credit-reporting agencies.
Instead, Comcast sent Himmelstein to credit collection, a move that marred his credit rating when he tried to later refinance his mortgage, Citibank requiring he pay an additional $26,000 for the loan. Himmelstein's now suing Comcast for negligence, hoping to recoup the $26,000 imposed by Citibank, his attorney fees and the $123.19 credit he's still owed to this day.

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