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Mediacom Users Still Struggle To Opt Out Of DNS Redirection Ads
by Karl Bode 08:19AM Monday Apr 28 2014
Several years ago cable operator Mediacom joined most ISPs in using a DNS redirection service to direct people who mistype URLs to their own ad-laden search portal instead of a 404 error. At the time (2011), we noted how Mediacom implemented an opt-out function for the feature that didn't appear to work, users still getting the Mediacom ads after clearly stating they'd rather not. Fast forward three years, and users in our Mediacom forum state they're still unable to get the opt-out function to work:
I have tried everything to stop the Medicom redirects and even when I successfully reach the Preferences page and change it (again) the redirects come back quickly. Now I can no longer reach the preferences page, I get this new "locked" vs preferences sever offline page -- for weeks.
Mediacom says they're looking into it. Just like they were looking into it three years ago. Fortunately it appears that migrating to another DNS provider like Google or OpenDNS seems to fix the company's broken opt-out mechanisms.

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Limestone, ME

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This is where Knowledge = Power

Users should check their DNS servers for any unwanted redirects.

The DNS test at Gibson Research is a great way to see what's going on with your DNS.

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Walkerton, IN

Re: This is where Knowledge = Power

Agreed. I've been using Level3's DNS servers since they show they're the fastest. Change them in your router's Internet settings and never see the redirects again!

Vail, AZ

Re: This is where Knowledge = Power

I don't think Mediacom is doing it but an ISP can install a transparent DNS proxy.

My current ISP has such a thing. They "say" they use it for a walled garden when you don't pay. It will then redirect any connection to a page to pay and turn your service back on..

The issue is, even when I set my DNS forwarders to Level 3, Ipredator, Google etc. It is going through my ISPs DNS server which of course is returning invalid DNS answers (format errors)..

That means I'm still using their DNS even when I say I don't want to.




Every router needs to have firm ware updated to support this.

Time to take the net encrypted, 24/7/365, 100%.

I've been chaging all setups on web servers to only allow SSL connections, and anything new the same.

Mail same thing, you better have the ability to connect only securely from start to finish or otherwise your mail is just not going any where. Inbound or outbound.

It may not be 100% lockdown, but it will slow the alphabets down for a while, and the average dolt for a lot longer.

Encrypted connection, with encrypted content!
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Job = Benefits = Health care, simple.



DNS does not fix the problem

I've been having issues with the Mediacom search hijacking. I've also been using Google Public DNS at the same time and it doesn't solve the problem.



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Mediacom IS using DNS proxying AND sniffing traffic

Don't let them lie to you. Not only can you NOT opt out of their "DNS" service, but they are also using a transparent DNS proxy and sniffing and intercepting ALL DNS looking traffic. Changing servers on the router of end device doesn't matter.

Be careful of your VPN provider too, they have some of the keys and are breaking PPTP encryption.

Mediacom is NOT your friend, and they have bought off local governments in a huge number of places so they don't have to compete.