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Microsoft Starts Big Push Into Original TV Content
by Karl Bode 08:20AM Friday May 02 2014
Microsoft is gearing up what they're calling the company's "Xbox Originals" effort -- aka an attempt to start delivering streaming, original video content via their Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles. According to a Microsoft statement, they'll begin offering premium dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, unscripted shows, and live events starting in June. Former CBS exec Nancy Tellem now leads the initiative, and has been telling the press Microsoft is "laser focused" on pitching the content to millennials that aren't subscribing to cable and use a console as their primary video-viewing peripheral.

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Des Plaines, IL

We really don't need CSN Philly 2.0 where just about one system only has

We really don't need CSN Philly 2.0 where just about one system only has some content and others are locked out.

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN

Will they follow their software trends?

I wonder if the shows will receive lots of hype prior to release, yet completely suck when first aired, only to make people wait several months for a "plot pack" designed to correct the major writing flaws.

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Microsoft is pleased to announce they will soon bring to life the complete Orwellian 1984 experience where not only do you watch TV, your TV watches you.

"George wrote a great novel, but we here at Microsoft thought we could bring it to life even better. Our vision and hard work brings to the consumer a device that all by itself can recognize who is in the home, how they are feeling, what they are doing. No longer will people be troubled not knowing what they want to watch. We will know for you. Even correct you."

Auto negotiating
Minneapolis, MN

Its funny, really.

If you think about it, one of the most proprietary tech companies in our nation is forced to make their own content due to restrictions by proprietary distribution systems like cable.


Waterford, MI

Blue Screen?

Will they use a blue screen, rather than a green screen, for chroma keying?

Will special TVs be required, because they'll use their own "standard," that is almost, but not quite the same as accepted industry standards, for signals?

Will their shows occasionally crash, for no apparent reason, and have to be restarted from the beginning?

Every time you want to change what you want to watch, change the volume, etc., will it ask you "Are you sure?"

Before you watch each episode of a show, will you be required so acknowledge a EULA, which will consist of, amongst other things, a promise that you have forgotten (de-installed) the prior episode and that no more than a certain maximum allowed number of people are watching, with you?

When your attempt to acknowledge the EULA by clicking on a remote button fails, will you have to call a special Microsoft licensing number and exchange long sequences of validation digits with them?

And, last but not least: Will their new entertainment programming be as overwhelmingly popular as their MSNBC entertainment programming?



Xbox Original show line up:

-The adventures of Clippy

-Beyond RRoD: Tales from the chip

-Agro Gamer gets SWATTED

-Kinect Dating Game: Steve Balmer hosts

-Around the world with Internet Explorer


Re: Xbox Original show line up:

-Hello Bob....