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Modesto City Council Fines Comcast For Not Grounding
by JTRockville 04:55PM Tuesday Jun 24 2003
The Modesto City Council is not happy. Apparently Comcast didn't heed the warning given by Steve Johnson, Time Warner Cable, and Neil Serafin, Parallel Technologies, in a Cable World article from July 2001, Powering Through the Drop: Ensure Your Telephony System is NEC-Compliant

"Compliance with NEC will keep your franchise authority happy and protect your technicians and customers from contact with potential electrical hazards."

Fines of $1.08 to $2.15 million plus additional daily fees will be considered.

Read the full story in The Modesto Bee:
Comcast could face city fine


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Data Ho
Rockville, MD

It's About Time Comcast Got Shocked!

Way To Go Modesto!

said by J.N. SBRANTI, The Modesto Bee, City adds $22,379-per-day penalty on same issue: Wiring:
Modesto City Council has slapped Comcast Cable Communications with a $22,379-a-day fine and demanded it immediately pay nearly $1.08 million in back penalties for safety violations.
After two hours of pleading for understanding during Tuesday night's meeting, Comcast officials sat in shock as the council voted unanimously to impose the fine.

It was the possibility of shock, in fact, that prompted the council to act.
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Re: It's About Time Comcast Got Shocked!

Could this happen in MCMD? Or is there something different about the Modesto franchise? Haven't there been enough safety violations in MCMD?

Data Ho
Rockville, MD

Re: It's About Time Comcast Got Shocked!

Well... as far as count of violations go... I don't see why not. Every time I read our inspection reports I wonder why Comcast has never incurred any fines.

As far as our franchise agreement goes... I'm not sure. I plan to spend some time digging through MCMD's Franchise Agreement this weekend, to see if there's anything specifically mentioned.

To my knowledge, we don't normally inspect for grounding violations at the drop, which is what Modesto fined Comcast for.
Premium,ExMod 2001

Re: It's About Time Comcast Got Shocked!

Maybe you could drop an email to Hunnicut at CTC and ask him how we compare on a technical basis. He ought to know off the top of his head.

Piscataway, NJ
I have to give credit where credit is due. Comcast has done a very good job with the lines in my town. They are at the correct height (15 feet) in about 99.999% of the town and are pretty well maintained. Nothing like the "flying splitters" (or whatever it was called that was posted here) found in my town.

And people thought I did nothing but criticize Comcast.
Premium,ExMod 2001

Re: It's About Time Comcast Got Shocked!

said by mbernste:
Comcast has done a very good job with the lines in my town. They are at the correct height (15 feet) in about 99.999% of the town and are pretty well maintained.
I assume you are quoting your LFA's inspectors because otherwise you'd have to have personally inspected 99.999% of the cabling yourself. Frankly, a comment like yours sounds like something drafted by Comcast itself. Have you been seduced by a special promo or other payoff of some kind?

Seeing as how Woodbridge's franchise with Comcast is coming up for renewal, I would expect that Comcast would be doing an outstanding job (or at least, better than anywhere else). So it really is not heartwarming to hear you say something that ought to be true anyway. If you have a recent report from your LFA Inspectors, please post it. It might be illuminating to compare a report from your LFA with one from our LFA.

Remember this: It's not important how Comcast behaves during the franchise renewal when they're on their best behavior. It's the rest of the time that's important.

Lynnwood, WA

Shock value and d/l limits

I just had comcast hsi installed in the seattle area. I noticed that the cable guy didn't ground the splitter. I'll do it myself.

I'm also very disappointed that comcast has a 1G d/l limit on news groups. I passed 1G the first night.

I'm glad I hadn't cancelled Verizon DSL yet. I'll be cancelling Comcast.

Cat god

Riverside, NJ

Guess that explains my new cable rates

Interesting, Comcast gets a hefty fine and I the next day I get a letter stating that my cable rates are going up. Coincidence?

Still I can't blame Comcast for this one since it was AT&T that screwed up in the first place. But like the article said, when you buy a company you get everything that company has (including contracts) so Comcast should have fixed it if they knew about it.

Data Ho
Rockville, MD

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Ground Wires

omg, I can't believe this....

I just saw an ad for Comcast Digital cable.

It went something like this:

They show 'n tell all the equipment YOU need to install to get satellite tv.

Then they say "this is all you need to install digital cable" and show a phone.


A: A ground wire.

They actually say:

"A ground wire, whatever that is."

* wonders if this commercial airs in Modesto *

J D McDorce
Westland, MI

Re: Ground Wires

The first page of the DirecTV Self-Install Guide »www.directv.com/learn/pdf/SelfIn ··· uide.pdf notes that this is necessary to be in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), a document that seems to be foreign to many sectors within Comcast

While OT, I am still shaking my head about an ad I saw a few weeks ago for Cox Digital Cable, slamming satellite for needing a box for each TV. Apparently Cox has made some kind of technological breakthrough for digital cable

Los Angeles, CA

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Modesto City Council: Penalties on Comcast

My firm serves as Modesto's cable TV inspectors. We first discovered the lack of grounding several years ago.

For a rather complete history of the grounding failures in Modesto, please visit


and follow the Modesto link. You'll find some amazing information in the Staff Report, and the Council resolution, including the fact that City Council authorized the City Attorney to file suit against Comcast. Read the information...it's all there.

This is a national issue, so for the MCMD people, you might want to go ahead and talk to my friend Bob H, or talk with Jane L.

I'd be interested in your feedback. Also, for those of you with access to the SCTE-LIST, you'll be interested in the posts over regarding Modesto, grounding, and the like over the past 7 days.


Jonathan Kramer, JD, FSCTE, FIAE
Kramer.Firm, Inc.


Data Ho
Rockville, MD

Re: Modesto City Council: Penalties on Comcast

Good work, jlk8 See Profile
Thanks for the link.

"Teh Fff Wizard"

Modesto, CA
Since Cable entered the Modesto area we have been subscribers.

The last incident connected with Comcast was the final straw.




Not only Comcast

Satellite companies, as well as other cable companies, do not always ground their connections. DIRECTV is one of the biggest violators. Comcast was chosen for audit because it is the biggest company. Regardless of the company, anyone that doesn't follow regulations should get in trouble.