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Monday Evening Links
by Revcb 07:54PM Monday Dec 05 2011

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The Xfinity 2 Go was a launch disaster

I tried the Xfinity 2 Go when they launched it last year and they advertised as being available. When I called to order it, the reps never even heard of it. That being said, that was a hint at the quality of the customer support. I canceled it within the 30 day customer guarantee and switched to Verizon for mobile broadband.
All of my CPE (including my EMTA) is customer owned. The only Comcast owned equipment in my house is the CableCards in the two TiVO boxes I own.
Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL

Timg and Virgin Mobile

I pay $35 a month for Virgin Mobile with unlimited web, texting, and 300 voice minutes. I must have used between 0 to 300 MB a month depending on whether I'm away from home or not.

But then in my opinion, I think it'll be a waste of money to try out Ting because it'll be a hassle to get a Ting's version of LG Optimus.

I wanted an unlocked Galaxy Nexus with a pure Google experience even though I can live without a MicroSD slot. In Amazon.com for a 16GB model, I saw an import price of $800 (do a search in Amazon.com). Right now, I cannot afford it and I'll have to wait until I get my laptop paid off in Amazon.com.

So for now, I'll keep my LG Optimus V phone for now with Virgin Mobile.

It'd be nice of Ting is an NVMO provider of T-Mobile, but T-Mobile already provides a $30/month 100-minute unlimited web/texting plan. I'm unsure if Ting is a good alternative to Virgin Mobile, though.
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