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Monday Evening Links
by Revcb 07:16PM Monday Feb 04 2013

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FreedomPop is a terrible name

...like Dredd 3D or Ting.

While the product they're providing the good, the names are dreadful (no pun intended).

Chesterfield, MO

No BlackBerry Until March

I've now watched and read several news reports regarding the US delay is due to more stringent carrier testing. However, is this really true? It seems the Euro markets are more compatible and open due to their history with GSM. It seems Euro carriers are accustomed to unhappy customers easily switching carriers. My feelings are that the "more stringent testing" line is pure B.S. for "carriers need more time to negotiate with BB so they can lock it down".

If you get the phone because of a contract and subsidy, I completely understand the US carrier's position. But is it really "more stringent testing" or more of the same old, same old Rockefeller tactics?