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Monday Evening Links
by Revcb 07:12PM Monday Mar 18 2013
Apple Goes Deep on the Future of 4G [lightreading.com]
Video buffering or slow downloads? Blame the speed of light [arstechnica.com]
AT&T launches larger shared data plans for business customers [fiercewireless.com]
Wireless carrier loyalty fleeting at best [zdnet.com]
LTE traffic to grow 207% in 2013 [totaltele.com]
MetroPCS again argues for T-Mobile merger [totaltele.com]
FCC goes after political robocalls sent to cellphones [nbcnews.com]
The Country Most Gouged By Telecom Companies? Canada [huffingtonpost.ca]
Upcoming T-Mobile event to focus on new wireless plans, Apple products 'unlikely' [appleinsider.com]
Verizon exec: 2014 is 'definite' for launch of LTE Broadcast service [fiercebroadbandwireless.com]

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San Jose, CA

The half-cut cord: What's bugging me about cable

"I cut the cord. I came back. Now I'm feeling lost in the middle."

- »reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57···t-cable/


Re: The half-cut cord: What's bugging me about cable

I dunno. I think this guy is plugging Roku.
And to have DVRs increase storage means increasing cost to end user. I doubt Motorola or other DVR vendors really care because they are too busy churning them out, then having a unified, smart, interface. And to have one "rule them all" with search and function is stretching it: we can't even all agree on an OS, an interface (HDMI, MiniDisplayport, Optical, Component, etc) or such.
Author also likes HBOGo which I don't. The expiration dates, content control and cost (plus having to have HBO to have this) just add more cost.
I do agree that there is too much cr-p on the cable to choose from. Someone will make an app. Then some studio will buy it and call it a spade.
And having too many media options is crazy too...360, PS3, AppleTV, Roku, smartTv Apps, ...I think I have 6 devices registered to Netflix alone...
I just want You-Tube to stop spinning and work again!