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Monday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:32AM Monday Apr 21 2014

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So we can LIKE General Mills now?

"were widely misread, causing concern among consumers. ".

They listened to their lawyers first, instead of customers.
Then they listened to their customers after it was made known on the internet, that
Liking their brand enslaved their customer.

See a pattern?
Does anyone still cut out boxtops or those little things on the cereal boxes anymore?
Was Freakies part of General Mills? Kaboom? I am old...

Mr Guy


FCC vote

"With the 600MHz spectrum, mobile providers will be able to build fewer base stations than in higher spectrum bands, an especially important feature of this spectrum for rural areas, Wheeler wrote."

Not if all they can get is 5 or even 10 MHz. It will pretty much useless even to Verizon and At&t with that little. Yes the signal will travel further which means more potential users per tower. Of course 5 MHz means a total of 75 Mbps shared among more potential users. Not sure how that helps spread broadband. 75 MHz divided by 400 users( max for LTE and likely with the increase coverage of 600 MHz )= 188 kbps. That 2G speed. Oh joy. Less spectrum means MORE base stations not less.

Milford, CT

RE: How Greed Almost Sabotaged the Smartphone Kill Switch

"Please, PLEASE install technology in our phones that can potentially be used by the government and law enforcement to remotely disable them!"