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Monday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:32AM Monday Jun 09 2014

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Red button...

...perhaps some forum will come together with a firmware hack (via flash drive or remote service mode) to disable the button feature for those of us not using SmartTV features.

I know that thanks to AVSforum, I was able to enable features the manufacturer disabled. So there is that direction.

Milford, CT

Re: Red button...

Security is always the last thing they think of. Companies come up with something new and don't bother to build in any security. They release it to the world, it gets hacked and suddenly it's "We need to add security!" Well duh!

I remember back in the mid 80s, someone discovered that a local, digital road sign was connected to a telephone line so that it could be accessed remotely. Once you connected with any normal modem, you were given a command prompt and from there you could review or change the message the sign was displaying. People had fun with that one until they disconnected the phone line.

Another thing I can't help thinking is that everyone is rushing to connect everything to the net, but nobody is bothering to stop and ask if they should be connecting everything to the net. Should every item in your home be capable of running code? Do you really want your thermostat connected to the net so hackers or a virus can shut off your heat while you're on a ski trip in the middle of winter and cause your pipes to freeze? Or turn it up to max in the middle of summer, potentially killing your pets if you're out while it happens? Do you want your food to spoil because your refrigerator was hacked? When your lights go out do you call an electrician or the geek squad?