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More Bad News For AT&T Deal -- FCC Wants Hearing
Another Roadblock Springs up For AT&T Lawyers, Lobbyists
by Karl Bode 08:51AM Wednesday Nov 23 2011 Tipped by FFH See Profile
AT&T's effort to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion just got a little more complicated, with FCC boss Julius Genachowski this week announcing that the agency will be holding an additional administrative hearing on the deal. The move puts an additional hurdle before AT&T in addition to the existing lawsuits from the DOJ and Sprint. The move is the first such attempt by FCC in nine years, the last time being the Echostar/DirecTV deal -- which was blocked. The FCC's move would delay the deal even if AT&T were able to navigate the minefield currently before it. "The record clearly shows that -- in no uncertain terms -- this merger would result in a massive loss of US jobs and investment," a senior FCC official states in an e-mail to Broadband Reports.

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Waterford, MI

Surprised, I Am

A U.S. regulatory agency is actually doing what it's supposed to: Regulating?!?!

Of course, even cursory contemplation of many of "AT&T"s claims reveals them to be so utterly ludicrous that one would think they'd be embarrassed to make them. But obviously they were not, which just goes to show how arrogant they've become.

I wonder if the FCC would be interested in my notes regarding the last four years of mis-service my employer's received from "AT&T?" I could almost write a book.



Re: Surprised, I Am

They are regulating until such time a price is met and then regulations mysteriously go away.

Cary, NC

How Long

How long till AT&T sicks it's congressmen on the FCC just as they did with the DOJ? This should be interesting as you will be able to clearly see which politicians are more concerned with protecting the big company than the people.
I am stating my opinion. Obviously you don't like it. Honestly, I don't care.

Chicago, IL


It will result in a lot more jobs according to the CWA :-p
Good to see the system listening to someone other than lobbyists for once.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

Re: Wrong!

said by rmdir:

It will result in a lot more jobs according to the CWA :-p

And by "according to", you mean "for".


Re: Wrong!

Can anyone name three large mergers that resulted in _more_ jobs overall? I can't think of even one.


Re: Wrong!

Only temporary positions that are set up to migrate the systems. Then when the process is done there will be no need for those departments.

Lakewood, CA
·Verizon FiOS
I cant think of any merger on this scale that has "benefited" consumers or workers over the long haul. Name one. What I really fear is that all these meetings and suits are just "window dressing" so the govt can say they did something to "stop it" then it will sail thru. Time for att to call in the big guns. Newt, the "historian". Look what he did for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!! Newt will tell att how to put history on their side...Amazing.

Look at how the fed hammered banks lol weep... »articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-0···-banking

I think its time for a real French Revolution..with Guillotines too
Lakewood Accountability Action Group | »www.LAAG.us | Demanding action and accountability from local government

Makes you wonder if CWA would be behind this if Tmobile was also unionized under them. I bet not.


VZW likely wins most in the end

If deal doesn't go through, Tmob will still likely be dismantled in some way as DT wants to exit the US market. ATT won't get what it wants other than one less competitor. Sprint won't get what it wants as Tmob likely to go away anyway. VZW just sits back and watches a competitor disappear no matter what happens, unless a CabeCo buys Tmob. Any bets on that happening?

New York, NY

Re: VZW likely wins most in the end

I don't think they're going to "go away" as you say. The company is profitable, DT could still stick out (stranger things have happened) or they could sell T-mobile US to another company (there were a number of companies interested in purchasing T-mobile US prior to the AT&T deal being announced).


Glen Head, NY
It is possible. Depending on how bad DT wants out, a competitively priced T-Mobile might be a good deal for a company that wanted to get into the business but could not get around the startup costs.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Re: VZW likely wins most in the end

Wouldn't be surprising if they sell Tmob in pieces as they may make more that way. OTOH if someone else comes up with a sweet deal that the Feds won't complain about, DT may dump Tmob just to get out. Seems very unlikely DT will just coast along and stay in the US market.

Sprint originally wanted Tmob apparently. DT perhaps won't let them at this point. Some think ATT bid high for Tmob partly so that Sprint doesn't get them.


Suffern, NY

Re: VZW likely wins most in the end

said by xenophon:

Sprint originally wanted Tmob apparently.

Sprint is a CDMA company while TMO is a GSM one (AT&T is the only other GSM company). What did they want with it? The last time they bought an incompatible technology company it did not work out so this also would seem to be another technology mismatch.

Lost today
Google or apple have fund's



Yeah right

Att claims 100,000 new jobs from the buy out.
Would they lie about such a thing ???

Royal Oak, MI

Re: Yeah right

said by tigerpaw509:

Att claims 100,000 new jobs from the buy out.
Would they lie about such a thing ???

Because they're AT&T and they can't help themselves. They would lie even if telling the truth helped them out more.

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA

Re: Yeah right

said by mogamer:

said by tigerpaw509:

Att claims 100,000 new jobs from the buy out.
Would they lie about such a thing ???

Because they're AT&T and they can't help themselves. They would lie even if telling the truth helped them out more.

+1 !!
Teabaggers: Destroying America is Priority #1

Miami, FL

Re: Yeah right

That was a combo so +1 X 3 hit points.


Re: Yeah right

headshot trophy


I think that should be "loose" not "new"... Maybe for the first year or so there will some jobs created to identify the overlap and the strategy to optimization the current infrastructure, architecture and processes for cost reduction which in reality translates to loss of jobs or off-shoring of jobs (so that 100K, maybe be jobs outside the country)

Who could blame them when you pony up that much money; its all about stockholder value and the CEO to maximize how much money he can get in terms of bonuses.

Which I think it's okay, but at a more realistic rate and also being socially responsible. At the rate we are going global we will all be on welfare soon (pun intended). Then no one will be able to buy anything any company peddles.

jack b
Gone Fishing
Cape Cod

yer out!

It would be nice to see the Feds grow some derriere hair and put the kibosh on this "merger"

RF is Good For You
Mukwonago, WI


Bbbbbbbbbut what about the poor "Job Creators?" Won't someone think of the Job Creators?
Mclean, VA

Re: But!!!

If your worried about the job creators skip Black Friday, and shop Small Business Saturday.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

not surprising, but...


OK, it's not that much of a surprise, or worthy of the video again... but here goes...

Lawrence, KS

withdraw FCC applications; still intend to pursue merger?

Well, this is interesting. AT&T has just put out a press release announcing that AT&T and T-Mobile have withdrawn their nearly 1700 pending license transfer applications with the FCC and that AT&T will book a $4 billion charge this quarter for potential break up fees owed to T-Mobile. However, the press release also states that AT&T and T-Mobile will continue to seek anti trust clearance for the merger.

Hmm, the timing of the press release -- 2:30am on Thanksgiving morning -- is odd to say the least. Usually when companies do a weekend or holiday news dump like this, they do so in an attempt to bury bad news. This could be the first admission of defeat, and it would not be all that surprising if AT&T and T-Mobile were to formally call off the merger in the coming days.