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More Rumors of AT&T U-Verse Speed Upgrades
60 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up. Perhaps July?
by Karl Bode 12:37PM Wednesday Jun 19 2013
As we noted earlier this year, there have been a steady stream of rumors that AT&T is cooking up some speed increases, even though the timeline for deployment remains anything but clear. This thread in our forums is full of rumblings from those claiming to be AT&T techs, who say the faster speeds are being trialed in several markets with a rumored launch sometime this year. Such upgrades are long overdue, given that cable operators have been offering considerably faster speeds than AT&T's top offering for some time now.

Those rumors have spread to the official AT&T community forums now as well. People there claiming to be AT&T employees claim that speed bumps up to 60 Mbps downstream, 10 Mbps upstream may arrive sometime in July:
I have seen a lot of questions regarding 2013 upgrades. I have also seen a LOT of incorrect responses to these questions. Ill cover what I KNOW is on the way and what is being tested. The area I work in is a very well known test location for testing.

•Stream increase- U-verse is an IP based TV service that currently offers 4 streams per customer. Mid July there will be an increase to 6 streams.
•New Gateway- The NVG589 Gateway has been released already and is currently very limited and is for NEW installs only.
•Internet speed increase- The top is 24MB down 5MB up. July is the release for 48-60MB down and up to 10MB upload.
AT&T isn't commenting on the rumors, and given we've seen these upgrade promises for a while, take this all with a grain of salt (or two). There's also the fact that most users won't have short enough loop lengths or decent enough bondable lines to qualify the fastest speeds, so like every AT&T broadband upgrade -- you can expect these deployments to be highly selective.

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