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More spectrum anyone?
by newisp$ 06:27PM Monday Apr 08 2002
The fight over bandwidth continues.
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Mchenry, IL

DLS.Net... not a happy camper...

I'm not really damning the company... I think that they've done a fine job at what they do, and that they should be praised for that. But when someone lies to you... it kind of sparks a fire.
I were scheduled to have DLS installed in our house, we had everything plain: the pricing, the date, the home network... everything! And we told them that we had trees in our neighborhood and we asked them if that would affect us. They said bluntly "No, that will not cause any problems for this type of Internet." So it was a done deal... so it seamed. So the day of the installation came... the installers were ONE HOUR late! Which personally, I'd expected it, so it didn't bother me. As soon as they came out of the door, the first words out of there mouth was "This isn't going to work. Too many trees." I told them that one of the sales people said that the trees did not affect the signal at all. They told them that this was a common problem and that the sales people were doing that a lot lately. After both of them pondered the situation immensely (which, I wish I would have gotten there names... I would have really liked to thank them for attempting.), they came up with the conclusion that I would NOT work at all. So the installation was aborted. Then what was the purpose of the Pre-Test then? Why didn’t they find this problem? They were at my house already; they even took pictures of the house and the area around it. Why did they not see this problem? It was quiet obvious.
So in the end, we are going to reschedule later in the summer when they tested a new type of dish that “blasts through” all the trees on the horizon. But it shouldn’t of come down to this… Again, I’m not blaming the company. Just the few people who should of noticed this obvious problem before hand. So please keep this in mind, don't always count your chickens before they have hatched.

Thanks again,
Eric Swanson


Orleans, VT

Re: DLS.Net... not a happy camper...

"a new type of dish that “blasts through” all the trees on the horizon"
Yes, we're all waiting for that one.
I would not advise waiting by the door for it to happen.

Long Beach, CA

Re: DLS.Net... not a happy camper...

.......Or holding your breath!