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Most Wireless Users Consume Less Than 2GB/Month
T-Mobile Users the Hungriest: 11% Use More than 3GB
by Karl Bode 02:24PM Tuesday Aug 28 2012
While T-Mobile's return to offering unlimited data suggests proclamations of the death of unlimited were premature, new data suggests that most users still don't really (yet) need unlimited data plans. New data from NPD Connected Intelligence shows that of 1,000 users monitored, very few consumed more than 2GB per month. T-Mobile has the hungriest data users, with 11% of T-Mobile subscribers using more than 3GB per month, compared to 4% for AT&T and Sprint and 3% for Verizon. "The numbers make it hard to see why most people should fret about data caps," insists the Christian Science Monitor, seemingly oblivious to the possible impact $15 per gigabyte overages could have on the heavier users and innovative applications of tomorrow.

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