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Motorola Offers White Space Device For Testing
Maybe they'll succeed where Microsoft failed?
by Karl Bode 09:30AM Wednesday May 14 2008
Microsoft, Google and Dell have formed the backbone of a six-partner coalition named the Wireless Innovation Alliance. Their goal is to use the so-called unlicensed "white space" spectrum -- partially freed by the migration to digital television -- to offer un-served consumers inexpensive Internet access via the airwaves (with these companies obviously providing the hardware and software).

However, tests at the FCC haven't exactly gone so well, with an initial round of testing showing the device couldn't cleanly avoid nearby signals, and a second round of testing running into device power problems. Motorola has now joined the fold, offering up their own device today for testing (they aren't a WIA member).
Motorola has updated its wireless device to incorporate sensors for adjacent channels, using "techniques commonly utilized in cellular phones and two-way radios," according to a draft of the FCC presentation. The sensors are designed to detect "nomadic" wireless microphones to avoid interfering with circumstances such as "roving, unplanned news-gathering operations," the draft document says.
White space broadband proponents have a lot of enemies, from the National Association of Broadcasters (concerned with both interference and broadcast competition) to the NFL (concerned primarily with interference). Given the large carriers' abilitiy to dominate at auction, they'd prefer if this spectrum was licensed and auctioned off.

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