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NFL Network & Comcast sign deal for 8 games
by FFH 10:51PM Friday Sep 15 2006
By John M. Higgins and Ben Grossman -- Broadcasting & Cable,
9/14/2006 2:14:00 PM

The three-year-old NFL Network has quietly cut a deal for this season with Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable operator, to carry its controversial package of eight live football games on terms far weaker than the league is seeking.

Comcast will air the games on a digital tier available to fewer than one third of its subscribers. The league has been seeking carriage on basic cable, which would be available to nearly all of the operator's 23.3 million subscribers.

While the league is seeking fees in the 70-90 cents per subscriber per month range, according to cable executives, Comcast is paying a significantly lower rate under terms of the current arrangement.Comcast seems to hold more leverage at the moment – it has the right to put the network on a digital sports and entertainment tier that is available to a tiny fraction of its subscribers.

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