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NSA Routinely 'Intercepts,' Bugs U.S. Networking Gear Pre-Export
by Karl Bode 04:32PM Tuesday May 13 2014
For years now Chinese hardware vendor Huawei has been used as a political bogeyman, numerous politicians claiming repeatedly that the vendor is little more than a spy for the Chinese government. These allegations came despite numerous investigations finding no evidence whatsoever, while everyone seemed to ignored many of the allegations were found to be originating from U.S.-based competitors like Cisco (Washington Post, 10/12) simply to keep Huawei out of the US market.

Now details in Glenn Greenwald's new book indicate that while the United States government was endlessly crying about Huawei, it was busy "intercepting" U.S. made routers, servers and other gear before export in order to install various surveillance technologies:
But while American companies were being warned away from supposedly untrustworthy Chinese routers, foreign organisations would have been well advised to beware of American-made ones. A June 2010 report from the head of the NSA's Access and Target Development department is shockingly explicit. The NSA routinely receives – or intercepts – routers, servers and other computer network devices being exported from the US before they are delivered to the international customers.

The agency then implants backdoor surveillance tools, repackages the devices with a factory seal and sends them on. The NSA thus gains access to entire networks and all their users.
So whether China uses Huawei to spy or not, the U.S. government's attacks on Huawei were not only about protecting the business interests of companies like Cisco, they were also about ensuring that Huawei gear was used less so that their modified gear would be used more. Do as we say, not as we do?

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