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NSA's Massive New Data Center Plagued By Electrical Issues
by Karl Bode 04:04PM Tuesday Oct 08 2013
Last year it was revealed that the NSA was working on a massive new $2 billion supercomputer warehouse tasked with helping sift through and store the agency's massive volume of collected data. The data center, which features four 25,000-square-foot halls filled with servers and another 900,000 square feet for admin and IT staff, was slated to be completed last fall but electric problems have caused some hiccups in operations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the supercomputer snooping warehouse has suffered from ten "meltdowns" in the last 13 months, destroying "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in equipment, and prohibiting computers from being used at the complex. From the report:
One project official described the electrical troubles—so-called arc fault failures—as "a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box." These failures create fiery explosions, melt metal and cause circuits to fail, the official said. The causes remain under investigation, and there is disagreement whether proposed fixes will work, according to officials and project documents.
Bluffdale was chosen because of less expensive access to electricity; project documents suggest the complex will consume 65 megawatts at around $1 million a month.

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Re: why


Meanwhile the simplest explanation is that the NSA has lied and whistleblowers are telling the truth.

Nocchi rules.


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Legal according to whom? Or to what? Everything the NSA does is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, among others. If you believe the Constitution is a "living document" then you won't be a pedant about the modern interpretation of protection from unlawful search and seizure--it extends to digital effects, as well. Sure, something you put in the public domain should be considered up for public review and criticism, but the fact that the NSA is actively breaking encryption in transit and strong-arming companies into complying with their secret FISA court bullshit is proof that they're operating extralegally. None of it's legal, none of it has any valid legal precedent, and it's not protecting anyone from anything.

If what the NSA does actually discovers or thwarts criminals and terrorists, why do we still have mass shootings like clockwork? Clearly, the amount of data they have should let them psychologically profile these people and arrest them before they commit the crime. But the fact is the NSA can't even do spying right. They're subhuman filth who consider themselves geniuses in computer science, but this failed data center is a testament to the contrary.

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My apologies. I thought two full football fields of servers were big.