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NY State Doles Out $14.5 Million For Rural Broadband
by Karl Bode 02:20PM Monday Jan 06 2014
New York State says they're shelling out around $14.5 million to help connect more rural segments of the state to broadband. According to a statement by Governor Cuomo, the money will be doled out to nine different projects, who collectively will lay roughly 614 miles of new fiber, in turn assisting the delivery of broadband to an additional 29,000 households and 2,000 businesses. Most of the projects focus on the Southern Tier and North Country portion of the state. "As the State works to grow the Upstate economy, these nine projects will provide the support necessary to attract and retain businesses and help create jobs for the region," insists Cuomo's office.

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Tucson, AZ

Sounds good, as long as it's regulated

Will the companies receiving these subsidies be regulated like telcos? Having to file rate information with the PUC, have rate increases approved, etc.? If the taxpayers are paying for the build, it's only fair.

(Note: I'm not against it, I just don't like the idea of the taxpayers inevitably being ripped off to buy the lines they already paid for, due to the lack of competition.)


Forest Hills, NY

Re: Sounds good, as long as it's regulated

Typically the companies receiving the subsidies are regulated like telcos because they ARE TELCOS!


Tucson, AZ

Re: Sounds good, as long as it's regulated

Maybe they are, but they're definitely not very big ones. I've never heard of a single one. (Did you look at the link? There's a list.)

Also, whether they are telcos or not is kind of irrelevant. Broadband services aren't regulated to the same extent POTS is/has been.

Brooklyn, NY
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IIRC, some of the last round of STATE monies used in upstate NY--Sullivan catskills and greater Syracuse to lay fiber optics went to cable companies-- much to Verizon's objections at the time (Time Warner, if I remember correctly).. so you can't make a blanket statement to say it all goes to telcos. What I care about is that Verizon's been thumbing their nose at NY State as of late, so any monies going to them would have to be with extremely tight oversight to make sure it actually will benefit residents (with last mile WIRE LINE deployments) instead of being a total benefit for the company (such as deploying the fiber optics for $$ lucrative $$ CELL SITE backhaul). You don't only have to look at places like West Virginia to see graft, corruption, and waste of TAXPAYER monies. It's been known to happen in NYS as well then they think nobody will notice or care.

Hampton Bays, NY


lets see how long this will last before it folds over after a period of time.
Norwich, NY
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614 miles of fiber for $14.5M ?

That sounds cheap to me, like $4.50/ft? Someone check my math.

I'm only familiar with one of the recipients, Clarity Connect. Long time dial-up provider, now a WISP. I'd like more of my tax dollars directed to companies like this that prove they can use it and service customers that Verizon and TWC deem unworthy. 50 miles of fiber can do a lot for a small company like this.


Re: 614 miles of fiber for $14.5M ?

The price could vary wildly depending the quality and content of the required cable and splicing involved and manner of construction/ROWs involved.

Without knowing the specifics, if the bidding wasn't corrupt and the state's project manager is savvy this should be on the up and up.
Willseyville, NY
I hope Clarity can expand beyond just Ithaca using WISP... It seems to me that if Wireless is the way to get broadband where it doesn't make sense to wire the last mile, we need a LOT more of that in the Southern Tier etc... It can be done, I can get 4G from Verizon in upper Tioga County, but the problem is it's only 2GB a month at an extreme price. So I stay on DSL, which is slow (3ish Mbps) but still not capped. No Cable, obviously no FTTH. I know people who live in Ithaca who use Clarity over TWC, and Verizon(DSL) as it's a better service - and I don't doubt it. I used them for years on Dial-Up. They're a good company.

We just need someone to run WiMax or whatever fixed wireless it is over places that the Cell companies give really expensive mobile data. It seems like it should be possible, and likely a smarter use of taxpayer funds than running last mile cable (But if NYS wants to pay for FTTH to my out in the country house, I wouldn't complain)...

The thing that does burn me is back in the day we could run copper for phones, we could run electricity, hell, we could even get DSL, but we can't upgrade the lines for decent data OR get any sort of wireless for reasonable rates. It all smacks of government dysfunction -which isn't really a surprise.

I wonder if local and state govts are finally starting to notice that availability of broadband actually does affect companies and employees staying or moving over time... I know if I moved, I wouldn't move to a place without at least cable internet.
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Please tell me they will be wiring the main roads in Franklin cty. Seriously, no 100% runs down major county roads... I can prove this as there is no (full run) broadband from Malone to Ellenberg. Yet the county road has the main power run for Alice Hyde (hospital).

So who is determining what gets connected? And $14.5M is peanuts...


Patterson, NY


I bet this balloons to 14 Billion!!



Re: Oboy!

wish they would do that in Virginia . Maybe Cuomo concerned about JOBS heard commercial on TV that they are anxious to keep JOBS in the state. All employers today need a website to stay in business. It has come to that ..customers look you up on the internet via their phones, ipad, computer or car NOT the yellow pages. If they can't see a website generally your not in any viable sustainable business going forward.

Just read about this in local paper

Just read about this in the local newspaper. One of the areas that received some grant monies has a population of less then 500 homes, spread out over many square miles. And although they have a "downtown" area it is a 1/4 mile stretch of a two lane main road with no traffic light. They plan to deploy fiber to the home in this town. Having installed ftth in Arizona this is the biggest waste of taxpayer money, the cost/profit ratio is so unbalanced I can't begin to Fathom the waste and pure milking of money into politicians pockets on this one...

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Alexander City, AL

Just wait.

Obama promised to bring broadband to the rural areas. It should happen any minute now........