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[NYC] Time Warner to hike rates
by drake 02:11AM Saturday Dec 04 2004
In an increase nearly double the rate of inflation, Time Warner Cable will raise prices for standard cable TV service in New York City by more than 6 percent in February, the company said yesterday.

The increase, which translates to about $2.50 per month, comes even though competition is intense with satellite TV, which is drawing away customers from cable.

In addition to the higher prices for standard service, which includes channels such as CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon and MTV, Time Warner Cable will raise the monthly rental fee for a set-top box and remote control by 9.3 percent, to $7.62.

Time Warner Cable stressed that because the $9.95 supplement for digital cable service will not rise, the overall percentage increase is not as great for digital subscribers, who comprise more than half of its 1.4 million customers in Queens, Manhattan, part of Brooklyn, Staten Island and parts of New Jersey and upstate New York. And prices for premium channels such as HBO will not rise. Fees for Road Runner and Earthlink high-speed Internet service will not rise.

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