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Nashville Is a Testing Ground for New Comcast Cap
As Comcast Rolls Out Higher Caps, Overages
by Karl Bode 06:43PM Wednesday Jul 11 2012
Back in May Comcast announced that the cable operator would be eliminating their 250GB monthly cap for all users -- and would instead be testing a number of new cap and overage options. At the time, Comcast stated that users in some trial markets would see their monthly caps raised to 300 GB a month -- but users would also potentially be seeing overages ($10 for 50 GB was cited as an example). One of our regular users says they've been informed that Nashville will be one of these trial markets, an e-mail to users informing them that the decision to start charging overages was an "evolution" in Comcast services.

The e-mail confirms that users in Nashville participating in the trial will see a 300 GB monthly cap, and be charged $10 for each additional block of 50 GB. Comcast says that to get users used to the overages, they'll be implementing a "three-month courtesy period" where users are not charged for the first three times they violate the cap in one year. The full e-mail sent to users:
Dear XFINITY Internet Customer:

At Comcast, we recognize the ways our customers are using the Internet are evolving, and that our services should evolve as well. Starting on August 1, 2012, Comcast will introduce a new Internet data usage management plan in Nashville that increases the data usage allowance for all XFINITY Internet customers from 250 GB to 300 GB and provides more options for usage.

What This Means for You

The vast majority of XFINITY customers use far less than 300 GB of data in a month. If you are not sure about your monthly data usage, please refer to the Track and Manage Your Usage section below.

We want our customers to use the Internet for everything they want and your service will not be limited to the 300 GB monthly data allowance we provide as part of XFINITY Internet. While we believe that 300 GB is more than enough to meet the Internet usage needs of most customers, you can always buy more data in additional blocks of 50 GB for $10 each.

In order for our customers to get accustomed to this new data usage management plan, we are implementing a three-month courtesy period. That means you will not be billed for the first three times you exceed the monthly 300 GB allowance during a 12 month period. Should your usage exceed the monthly allowance after the courtesy period expires, you will automatically be provisioned for additional $10 blocks of data each time you exceed the 300 GB allowance.

For more information about this plan please visit

Track and Manage Your Usage

Comcast provides you with several tools to easily track and manage your data usage:

Usage Meter - See how much data you have used with our usage meter, available in the Users and Settings tab at www.xfinity.com/usagemeter.
Data Usage Calculator - Estimate your data usage with this tool available at www.xfinity.com/datacalculator. Simply input the quantity of your typical Internet activities and the calculator will estimate your monthly data usage.
In Browser Notices and Emails - We will send you courtesy "in-browser" notices and emails to your Comcast.net e-mail account letting you know when you reach 90% and 100% of your monthly data usage allowance.

If you have any additional questions about the new data usage plan, please visit www.xfinity.com/datausageplan/nash

Thank you for being an XFINITY Internet Customer.

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