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Navajo Nation Completing $46 Million Broadband Project
550 Miles of Fiber, 32 New Communications Towers
by Karl Bode 08:22AM Tuesday Apr 02 2013
The Navajo Nation is putting the finishing touches on a $46 million broadband improvement project that will connect 30,000 households and 1,000 businesses to improved broadband services. According to Farmington, New Mexico Daily Times, the upgrades are in-large-part thanks to a $32.2 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, with $11.3 million provided by the local utility, and another $2.2 million provided by a regional ISP by the name of Commnet. In addition to wiring homes and businesses, the 550 new miles of fiber and 32 new towers (so far) will help serve 1,100 community institutions, including public safety, health, social services and emergency care facilities.

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I applaud them for deploying fiber. I get the impression a lot of people will be served by wireless however, and not fiber. I have heard before that their service is unreliable and slow. Hopefully things will improve now.

Tavistock NJ

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Re: Fiber

said by silbaco:

I applaud them for deploying fiber. .

It is an easy decision to make when all the money to do it is given to them.
$32.2 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, with $11.3 million provided by the local utility, and another $2.2 million provided by a regional ISP

West Linn, OR

Re: Fiber

The way I read it, $11.3 million came from the local utility which would receive its money from the residents. So not all the money was "given to them."

This is no different than any other local jurisdiction which benefited under the ARRA. Cost sharing was a requirement.


Buffalo, NY

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Re: Fiber

What other local juridictions? You mean ones that pay taxes and contribute to not just the immediate society they serve in?

Believe me im all for Native American rights and Honoring the treaties signed with them. I supported their cause when NY state kept coming after them for cigarette taxes but I also believe they shouldnt benefit from any Tax payer money until they decide to contribute. The choice is theirs to make.


cyber gutter
And The big Telco's/Cableco's need triple that money to service 30 people.

When money is spent in the most efficient way, without kickbacks to the local politician who graciously got the grants given and multi-million dollar salaries to some idiot who works for the company investors profits, consumers can get exactly what the Navajo Nation is providing.

Hazel, who runs the company's control and data center in Shiprock, said it's only a matter of time before the services will be available to the communities, including many of the chapter houses.

Shiprock is already is hooked up to a trial cable, something that the chapter is considering using once the utility authority is ready to sell its product, chapter officials said.

The company's packages will start at about $28 per month for the most basic service, though the company has not decided what the most expensive package will be.

Kitty is crazy
Mesa, AZ
I've worked on the road in this area in the past and it was somewhat interesting. If it would rain, gas stations would have to stop taking credit cards because the phones lines would fill with static.

It would make no since to provide access to Fiber for these locations, as the communities are no more than a few hundred people maximum. Running fiber between LTE towers would provide the most cost effective means of communication, and in the long run, most reliable. Many of these areas are quite remote, and in the winter repairs to fiber cuts could take a long time.

Commnet provides GSM and CDMA roaming to the major carriers who don't own their own equipment here. When I was in the Arizona portion of the reservation, I would have GPRS on T-Mobile, and AT&T provided voice only.

Canonsburg, PA

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said by silbaco:

I applaud them for deploying fiber.

This doesn't sound like FTTH to me. It is apparently what would be considered "middle mile" or "backhaul" fiber connecting 32 new towers, 27 existing towers, and perhaps as many as 1100 community institutions.

Brooklyn, NY
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as of late, funds to Natives have been quite stingy.. this is a good thing that puts fiber in the southwest, where nobody else would do it.. and it would be used by people. let's not forget it's not a FREE service, consumers still actually have to pay a rate for service and would have to become self sustainable into the future.


Bronx, NY

Re: $$

sssh! Don't wake them up from their socialist nightmare my friend is fun seem then squirm over nothing. LOL But seriously they think anything given to the people by the goverment is actually free(those people forget you pay taxes on everything so nothing is actually free in this country. everything has long and yearly strings attach)

Ai Otsukaholic

Navajo really needed borrowed money from China?

They couldn't do this with the massive revenues from their multiple casinos? They really needed to stick Joe Taxpayer with a $32,000,000.00 tab plus interest?