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Netflix Customer Satisfaction Hits Three Year High
by Karl Bode 10:26AM Wednesday Feb 19 2014
A few years ago you'll recall many analysts were busy proclaiming Netflix would never recover from a very unpopular rate hike and their aborted attempt to spin their DVD business off into a company named Qwikster. Those analysts were wrong. Most of them have been amusingly quiet in terms of admitting as much, though a few have since admitted that they're now very bullish on Netflix's international expansion efforts and subscriber additions.

Fast forward a few years and Netflix is not only adding subscribers hand over fist, customer satisfaction for the service has reached a three year high according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index:
The company's overall score registered a bigger year-over-year increase than any other online retailer in 2013, according to a survey of tens of thousands of consumers conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index...

Netflix's score in 2013 was 79, up 5% from a score of 75 in 2012. Netflix's peak satisfaction score was 87 in 2009, following up with an 86 in 2010. But the company's score plummeted in 2011, to 74, after a price hike and a proposed plan to spin off its DVD-by-mail service. At the time, ACSI characterized the decline as "one of the largest-ever single-year drops in ACSI history."
That's obviously in comparison with the cable TV industry, which in ACSI (and most other) rankings scores among the lowest customer satisfaction rates in any industry. Historically, even airlines and the IRS have ranked higher.

It will be curious to see if the peering fisticuffs hampering Netflix streams for major ISPs like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast will damage the company's brand reputation, something many claim is the intention of large ISPs -- accomplished by letting their peering links saturate then pointing the finger at Netflix (though there's probably plenty of blame on all sides to go around).

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Mr Gradenko


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reply to ITALIAN926

Re: Break it down by ISP

Some of us just don't get all hot for Honey-Boo Boo. Sorry.



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reply to IPPlanMan
This is a joke. People are obviously willing to sacrifice a whole lot in order to save money. Netflix has an atrocious selection of movies, I had to cancel after a month.
Netflix is nowhere close to replacing pay-TV in my house.