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Netflix Introduces Streaming Only Option
And raises the price on all of their plan tiers
by Karl Bode 12:28PM Monday Nov 22 2010 Tipped by RichNice See Profile
According to a post to the Netflix blog, the company is finally announcing a broadband streaming only plan for Netflix customers, something they've been hinting at for several weeks now. According to the company, users who simply want access to broadband streaming can now may $7.99 a month. The company's other tiers will be seeing slight hikes ranging from $1 to $8. The company's most popular tier, which includes streaming and one DVD rental a month, will be bumped from $9 to $10. A year ago Netflix CEO Reed Hastings proclaimed there wasn't much interest in a streaming-only tier, something he quickly learned wasn't the case -- especially after the company launched the option in Canada.

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