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Netflix Loses 800 Hours of A&E, History Channel Content
As Negotiations Break Down Over Licensing
by Karl Bode 09:00AM Wednesday Sep 26 2012
Netflix has taken the single largest hit to the company's streaming catalog in company history, losing 800 hours of programming from the History Channel and A&E. According to Variety, at least 40 series and miniseries were pulled from the Netflix lineup after the two sides failed to agree on a new arrangement. The content could come back, but its removal highlights the perilous road Netflix faces as broadcasters continually hike content costs -- in part just to make more money, but in part to ensure that life is as difficult as possible for a company that can (and in some cases is) disrupting the traditional cable TV cash cow. Granted, many readers may not care that Netflix has dumped content from a channel like History that long ago decided to stop airing any history-related content whatsoever.

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