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New 5660 Firmware Version 2.3.0(2) Posted on Efficient Website
by leevis 01:38PM Tuesday Sep 04 2001
A new Point Release of the 5660 Router firmware has been posted on the Efficient Networks website. The release is listed as version 2.3.0(2).

Added Features:
  • Added PPTP to PPPoA support/PPTP relay

  • Added AGL support for:

    • Microsoft Netmeeting
    • MSN Messenger
    • AOL Instant Message
    • Buddy Phone
    • ICQ 2000 (or latest version)
    • ICU II
    • MIRC
    • Net 2 Phone
    • CUSeeMe
    • StarCraft
    • Rainbow Six
    • CounterStrike
    • Diablo 2
    • Half-Life
    • Quake III
    • Soldier of Fortune
    • Real Audio
    • Real Video
    • Microsoft Media Player

  • Added IPSEC Pass Through.
Issues Fixed:
  • Fixed FTP Client/Server; WAN access fixed.

  • Ability to support VPI/VCI or 1/1.

  • Repaired PPPoE Authentication; fixed "bad authentication" error.

  • Updated user sar_850 receiver driver.
Known Issues with this release:
  • Unable to map multiple hostnames to a single IP Address (cname/alias).

  • Maximum configurable static entries in DNS Table is 64, gives an error on the 65th entry.

  • Alignment errors need to be relabeled as length errors on the stats output.

  • Gives immediate change choice to implement changes now or after reboot.

The new firmware can be found in the Kernels section of the Efficient Networks website.


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What about Trace Route support? (tracert in Win)

Does this kernel fix the ongoing tracert issue(lack of) for Win Users??

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Pascagoula, MS

Re: What about Trace Route support? (tracert in Win)

No. It doesn't "fix" the tracert issue. As has been stated before, Efficient does not regard it as a problem, issue or bug. Their position is that it works as intended.

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Re: What about Trace Route support? (tracert in Win)

One of the reasons the old firmware didn't support Netmeeting was because of the H.323 need for dynamic ports ranges. Now that this firmware is rumorred to support H.323, does that mean that it now support port range. Or, does it enable H.323 by means of a different trick?

Re: What about Trace Route support? (tracert in Win)

netmeeting support will be available in next firmware release
when, nobody knows....

Still doesn't have what I want in a router, and I have a small mem 5660 and cannot upload the new firmware.