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New Comcast Patent Filing Hints at Network DVR
Though the Service Itself Has Yet to Be Announced
by Karl Bode 04:38PM Thursday Aug 30 2012
Since at least Spring Comcast has been engaged in a very small trial of a network DVR in Boston, where fewer than a dozen people are testing a proof of concept for Comcast's implementation of the technology. The service should be very similar to a network DVR platform deployed by Cablevision, which was delayed repeatedly due to lawsuits from an entertainment industry worried about loss of control and ad revenue. Fierce Cable has noticed that Comcast this week filed for a patent for the as-yet-unannounced technology. "These local hard-drive-based DVRs are well appreciated by users, but there is an ever-present demand for greater flexibility and functionality in how content is offered to, stored and managed for, users," says Comcast in the filing.

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Tavistock NJ

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Flexibility in how content offered - means no ad skipping

The patent is about how to minimize central disk storage, but still be legal - that is have a user use dedicated storage only during playback. But the following comment was interesting:

greater flexibility and functionality in how content is offered to users

IOW, stop fast forwarding thru ads would be part of the offering.
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Naperville, IL
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Patent not filed this week.

The patent was filed likely 18 months or more before "this week". All filings are secret for 18 months from the filing date unless the patentee requests for and pays a fee for early publication.

I love journalists . . .

Edit: It was filed Feb 10, 2011.
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Des Plaines, IL

Re: Patent not filed this week.

don't they need SDV to pull this off and comcast has backed down from useing SDV.

Question everything
Westfield, MA
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Re: Patent not filed this week.

I have said it before when I was a charter customer at least 6 years ago now, you could go to the approved list of external hardrive's and hook it up and bam more storage no hassles nothing. Back then I hooked up a 500gb and I was happy as hell never had to worry about space. I don't know why it takes the biggest cable provider to be dragging ass for so many years.


Arlington, VA

Re: New Comcast Patent Filing Hints at Network DVR

The Sun will burn out and vaporize the Earth six times before I kick my TiVo to the curb for something from Comcast. They can't even guarantee me reliable WiFi and now they wanna try to replace my TiVo.