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New FCC Boss: 'My Client is the American People'
by Karl Bode 09:12AM Thursday Nov 14 2013
Shortly after taking office, FCC boss Tom Wheeler stated in a blog post that he's rabidly pro-competition, seemingly good news for an agency that has spent decades paying lip service to the concept but stumbling around in enforcement of that devotion.

Whether it's refusing to accurately map and publicize broadband pricing data or failing to police the anti-competitive use of bandwidth caps or inaccurate meters, the FCC has repeatedly proven to be an utterly hollow champion on the broadband industry's undeniably largest problem.

Enter Wheeler, who ups his rhetoric substantially in this interview with All Things D, again insisting that he's "rabidly pro competition, while claiming his ties to industry are long enough ago that consumers have nothing to worry about:
"My client today is the American people, and I am going to be the most effective advocate they could hope for...I was (involved in) the early days of cable television when everybody was trying to squash it; I was a was champion for a diversity of voices and the competition that represented. I’m very proud of that period, but it was 30 years ago that I was in in cable, and 10 years ago that I was in wireless."
Wheeler continues to promise that all his decisions will be fueled first and foremost from the perspective of driving greater competition. That's a promise that's going to very quickly be tested if Verizon defeats the FCC in their legal challenge of network neutrality rules. Such a win would threaten the FCC's authority to regulate broadband providers, and seriously test Wheeler's intestinal fortitude.

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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX

Dont forget folks,

Corporations are people too!

New York, NY

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Re: Dont forget folks,

Yup, I was thinking the same too when he said "people". If he prefers say people of CEOs, Board of Directors... then we are in trouble.



Bend over.

Of course we are his client because we bend over; here he comes.

Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI

Who does FCC report to?

Does the FCC report to the executive or legislative branch?


Salem, OR

Re: Who does FCC report to?

The FCC is an "independent agency" and as such is not considered part of the Administration (although the President appoints the Commissioners). The FCC reports directly to Congress.
Charlotte, NC
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Who does FCC report to?

The FCC is directed by five commissioners appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate for five-year terms, except when filling an unexpired term. The president designates one of the commissioners to serve as chairman. Only three commissioners may be members of the same political party, and none can have a financial interest in any commission-related business.

From FCC.gov

Los Angeles, CA

Lip Service...

Yep, here comes the Lip Service again... SMH


Re: Lip Service...

Just a matter of time before the big conglomerates/lobbyists start greasing his palm with some cash and incentives, then watch how fast things DON'T change!
The Firefox alternative.

Phoenix, AZ

More political horse-pucky from an Obama lobbyist

Yea, I'm holding my breath. He is closing down openings in White Space, trying to wipe out 3.65GHz, hasn't moved one inch on opening up more bandwidth in 5GHz or 10GHz and gives money to his buddies at CenturyLink, Verizon, and AT&T to compete directly with fiber and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPS). This is the same type of lies that Obama and the Democrats have been pushing on the IRS, Health Care, Benghazi, and I could go on. Actions speak louder than words and he has as many words as the rest of the liars who are corrupting Washington.

If you care about competition and who is going to give you a job when you are done with your tenure at the FCC Mr. Wheeler, stop auctioning off bandwidth below 1GHz, quit giving special treatment to companies that donate to the Democrats to destroy bands like 900MHz or 2.4GHz. You have demonstrated nothing to prove your statement which so far makes you the perfect politician and future hire for one of your cellular buddies. Do something positive for competition and then tell me what you have done. Obama tells us lies and then never does anything and it hasn't worked out so well for him either.


Salem, OR

"Public Interest" > "American People"

As FCC Chairman, his job should be to represent the "public interest", which is not the same as "the American people". The public interest includes consumers, but he also has to weigh the interests of company shareholders, employees, competitors, suppliers, etc. In other words, the "public interest" is a MUCH larger universe of considerations than just "the American people" albeit that is a VERY important constituency.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS


the fact that we have non functional duopoly companies raising rates unchecked and chomping at the bit to create wired internet metered billing all conspiring to act against the consumer interests changes how with the "NEW GUY"??

when will AT&T and VERIZON be held to their public and contractual promises?

Mineral Wells, TX

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Re: policy?

Eventually it will bite them.., time will tell, but if history is anything to go by.. companies that always do what they do will end up getting exactly what they deserve in time

Bedford, MA
·Verizon FiOS


Is he high? And he expects us to believe him? He is just an ex-lobbyist still on the side of the industry he regulates. He probably already has a secret deal for a cushy job when he leaves the FCC, with a huge salary pro-rated on how many good decisions he makes for the telco/cableco people.

He can say anything he wants, but actions will speak louder. I don't think there is such a thing as an ex-lobbyist anyway.