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New FiOS Pricing Leaked
300 Mbps Will Cost You $205 (Contract, Bundled)
by Karl Bode 09:52AM Monday Jun 04 2012
Last week Verizon confirmed our early exclusive report on FiOS tier changes, noting they were significantly increasing several tier speeds (25/25 becomes 50/25, 35/35 becomes 75/35) while introducing a new 300 Mbps down, 65 Mbps up uber tier. Verizon had stated they wouldn't be offering speed details until launch, but The Verge has now gotten a hold of both the new pricing and the launch date: June 17. As you might have expected, there will be some $10 price bumps for some tiers, while some tiers will remain the same.

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The company's lowest 15/5Mbps tier is seeing a $10 rate hike and will now be $65 per month with a two-year contract. The company's 50/25 Mbps tier will cost $75, the same as before despite the speed bump. The company's 75/35 Mbps tier will cost you $85, while the company's 150/65 Mbps tier will cost $95 a month. The shiny and ridiculously-fast new 300 Mbps tier will cost $205 a month.

Those are all of course bundled and contracted prices, so you'll pay $5 more if you want standalone broadband without a phone line, and another $5 if you want to forgo a contract. Verizon says the company's 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps tiers require a $100 equipment upgrade fee and two to four hour service call, a fee that's waived if you sign a two-year contract, are a new customer, or already have Verizon's top-shelf 150 Mbps service. Also of note: VDSL users in apartment buildings won't be seeing speed hikes, as illustrated in the chart above.

Last month Verizon CFO Fran Shammo warned that the hikes were coming, claiming that recent high customer satisfaction scores justify a higher price point, even though paltry competition is a more likely motivation. Also gone, according to Shammo, is many of the aggressive triple play bundle deals users may have gotten used to. Critics of Verizon's cable industry deal will likely argue that the hikes indicate the sort of "wink wink" faux competition with cable pricing they expected, while Verizon can argue to regulators still reviewing those deals that the fact they offer 300 Mbps means they're still being highly competitive.

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Haughton, LA

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reply to HardwareGeek

Re: I got a deal!

i pay almost that for basic digital cable and 20/2.....

OOOOhhhhhhhh the money Verizon could have made in the long run if they continued to spend right now on building out more FIOS. Not covering all of America, but at least ALL the major pop centers. A deal like that would have everyone signing up