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New Opera 'Unite': Everybody's A Web Server
ISPs are going to love this....
by Karl Bode 09:42AM Tuesday Jun 16 2009 Tipped by FFH See Profile
Opera this morning announced that they've unveiled Opera Unite, a new browser the company insists will "reinvent the web" by turning each user PC into zero configuration content servers. The new client-side service delivers a ridiculously easy way for users to host files, music, photos and websites. Opera this morning unveiled a rather spooky video exploring the idea. Over at the Opera blog, Lawrence Eng explores the idea and Opera's vision in a little more detail, noting that the sharing applications included in the first build are little more than demos aimed at fostering more elaborate ideas:
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The initial applications offered by Opera Unite are just simple demos (such as a “messenger” application and a media player) that replicate existing services and online functionality, showing them working in the context of Opera Unite. That’s just the tiniest tip of the iceberg—the potential for what can be done is much larger.

The key to Opera Unite is that it enables a whole new class of social software on the Web, applications that benefit from two or more people being online at the same time. And, with Opera Unite, these people can all connect directly without needing middlemen who control third-party servers.
Of course Opera just annoyed the entertainment industry, who'll be annoyed at the new way to transfer copyrighted files. Opera also just annoyed ISPs, whose loyal employees we can already hear obediently proclaiming that customer terms of service prohibit running servers. You can download Opera Unite here, after which please leave your impressions in the comment section below.

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